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7 Spotters for All of Life's Messes. Your Quick Reference Stain Removal Guide.


1.     Speak with the homeowner


Point out carpet stains during your pre-inspection. Ask your customer if they know what the stain is, how long it’s been there, and if other cleaners or the homeowner, have used anything to remove it.

It might already be a lost cause, so always under-promise and over-deliver.



2.     Pre-Test


Always pre-test by applying a small amount of spotter in an inconspicuous area. You should also determine the carpet type. You should be fine with most nylon and polyester carpets (wool and other textiles require special care that is not addressed in this article).



3.     Clean and Extract


Many stains will come up simply by using a good pre-spray, agitation with Brush Pro, and then extraction with a powerful truckmount. This is especially true of stains on polyester carpet (which doesn’t really stain). Stains on polyester are generally oily spots that have attracted dirt and have taken on a dingy color. Hot extraction cleaning will be the best option here.



4.     Use Spotter(s) as needed


See the outline below.



5.     Rinse and extract spotting solution


Make sure you remove all spotter residue. If you don’t, the residue will clean off the soles of those walking on it and lead to resoiling.



6.     Mist Spot Stop onto the cleaned spot to prevent resoiling and wicking.




DOWNLOAD Quick Reference Stain Removal Guide


Stain Removal Guide


Type of Stain: Organic

Examples: fruit juice, blood, red wine, coffee

Use: Oxidizer – Stain Zone


Type of Stain: Synthetic

Examples: sports drinks, Kool-Aid®, soft drinks (heavy staining), coffee (decaf), food coloring

Use: Reducer – Red Zone Ready


Type of Stain: Oil-Based

Examples: lipstick, mascara, marker, crayon

Use: Solvent – All-Solv Extreme


Type of Stain: Mixed or Unknown

Examples: chocolate, soft drinks (light staining), egg, jam/jelly, ketchup

Use: All-Purpose – Avenge Pro


Type of Stain: Pet or Organic

Examples: urine, vomit, feces, skunk odor

Use: Urine – Bio Release, All-in-One Urine Stain Remover


Type of Stain: Rust

Examples: rust

Use: Rust – T-Rust


Type of Stain: Gum Break

Examples: gum, adhesives, glues

Use: Gum Break


See our Spotting Guide for instructions on how to remove over 100 stains on carpet, upholstery, and hard surfaces. You can add this link to the home screen on your phone and refer to it as needed in the field.

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