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Emotional Intelligence and Sound Judgement: The Business Superpower that's Hard to Measure in Dollars and Cents

Three weeks ago I started watching an incredible TV show. I’m sort of a snob when it comes to finding something good to watch but The Boys on Prime…

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I’m 90 percent sure that you’ll never disappoint your customers if you do this

People are complicated. Our personal interactions are probably the most difficult thing that we will ever face. Have you ever thought that your…

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I Interviewed Successful Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Companies and they’re Doing These 15 Things to Dominate their Markets

“You can always make more money. You can’t make more time. Use your time as an owner doing the most impactful tasks that only you can do. Hire out…

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The Power of Fragrance and the Difference it Can Make in Your Cleaning

It is often said that if something does not smell clean, then it is not clean.

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Never Make a Mistake When Buying Equipment that Costs Thousands of Dollars: The Qualities You Want to look for in A Salesperson or Customer Service Representative

Delivered. It’s one of my favorite emails to receive after waiting eagerly for a week for a package to arrive. A countdown of days had turned into…

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Deborah Sanscrainte Reveals Her Secret Formula for Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

I sat down for an interview with Deborah Sanscrainte, a sales representative at our Rochester, New York branch who has 17 years of experience…

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