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The Power of Fragrance and the Difference it Can Make in Your Cleaning

It is often said that if something does not smell clean, then it is not clean.

You might also hear people say that perception is reality.

However, the reality may be that an allergic person will react to a fragrance, then the perception is that the fragrance is responsible for this reaction. This necessitates a discussion with a customer about anyone in the office or household having any sensitivities before using anything with a strong fragrance.

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Let the Customer Approve the Fragrance

Your choice of fragrance is not about you; the fragrance is about pleasing your customer who has you in their house a few times a year.

You want to make a good impression with a pleasant fragrance. Some cleaners leave too strong of a fragrance like they plan to move in with their customer. A good fragrance pleases for an evening and leaves the next day.

Whenever we have a new fragrance, we take it around and make sure that our employees approve of it. Most nose dead cleaners (I am included with this group and do not make fragrance decisions) generally like fragrances they can smell, which usually means the fragrance is too strong for most customers.

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Don’t Cut Corners to Mask Malodors

It’s critical to use the right fragrance to ensure the removal of malodors during the cleaning process. Fragrances used as a cover-up are basically an unpleasant mixture of the malodor and the fragrance.

There are some fragrances that effectively counteract a remaining malodor by themselves. We use one special fragrance for most of our smoke-neutralizing deodorants.

Use Innovations of the 21st Century

Early in the twentieth century, an odor encapsulant that neutralized organic odors upon contact became commercialized.  

Our original odor encapsulant did not have a fragrance, would neutralize the malodor, and leave no fragrance behind. This product made it easy to tell when enough had been applied. However, when we introduced a version with a fragrance with broad appeal, it quickly outpaced the sales of the original product. We took this formula a step further for smoke deodorization by using a special fragrance for smoke along with an odor encapsulant. This dual approach maximized the smoke removal process by using an odor encapsulant and fragrance.


Just like using perfume or cologne is a personal choice, customers should approve any extra fragrance you choose to leave in their business or home.

Leaving a strong perfume to cover up a malodor that was not removed may be a short-term benefit, but long in the long term, it may eliminate your opportunity to service that valuable customer.

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