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Encapsulating Upholstery

A key feature separating encapsulation cleaning from older shampoo techniques is the chemistry. Polymers are added to surfactants used in shampoos…

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Encapsulating Area Rugs

Encapsulation is a low moisture cleaning method for carpet, rugs, and upholstery fabric. It has been widely accepted for commercial carpet cleaning…

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Encapsulation: Balancing Cleaning and Soil Resistance

Encapsulation solutions commonly serve two purposes, achieved by different sets of ingredients: First, there is a detergent that helps separate soils…

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Explanation of Encapsulation Cleaning

What is it? Encapsulation is a high production rate, low moisture carpet cleaning system. Encapsulation is not new to the industry but the chemistry…

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Machines Used for Encapsulation

Single disc rotary machine   This machine has a motor on top of a drive block or a brush block and is driven through gears or belts. It can work two…

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EncapsuIation in Perspective

Encapsulation currently dominates commercial carpet maintenance cleaning. There is a lot of misinformation being circulated since the process is…

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Is Encapsulation Cleaning Right For You?

Encapsulation Cleaning is a Perfect Choice... Most of the Time When I first entered this industry about 8 years ago (2010), there were still a lot of…

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