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Why I Changed My Opinion About Using Brush Pro Dry Compound When Commercial Cleaning

Back in the day, HOST would tell me at trade shows that their dry compound would provide the same quality cleaning as hot water extraction.

I, for one, was incredibly skeptical, and I’m sure that you were too.

However, time has led me to reconsider: as I have used dry absorbent compound over the course of the past several years I have found it to be a cleaning demon when used in the proper setting.

Brush Pro Dry Compound Step 1

The Unique Advantages that You Will Notice with Brush Pro Dry Compound

1. Brush Pro compound is great in areas where you simply can’t get things wet, like elderly care facilities, some schools, and public areas in occupied buildings.

2. Brush Pro Compound also works great in areas where there is a lot of oily contamination in the carpet, such as carpets next to an asphalt parking lot, or inbound carpets that come in direct contact with high amounts of foodborne materials on the floor.

An examination of its composition provides a better understanding of why Brush Pro Compound is so effective at getting the job done. Brush Pro compound is loaded with cleaning chemistry and an absorbent, causing it to simply break down and absorb oils while being brushed in with the Brush Pro.

After oil absorption is complete, the carpet will be much easier to maintain.

In contrast, if you use a hot water extraction process, the oil must be emulsified in order to be fully removed. To do this, you might have to use higher pH detergents that are incompatible with the carpet in question.

3.  Using Dry Absorbent Compound is beneficial for spotting while completing the encapsulation cleaning process. If a spot is not removed during the encapsulation process, it is most likely oil-based.

Using a bit of Brush Pro compound will remove the oily spot that the encapsulation product would not be able to budge.

4. The absorbent compound can be easily removed using a Counter Rotating Brush Machine with collection trays while the compound is still moist, or your can use your commercial vacuum once the compound has dried.

Try it Out Yourself

Adding the use of an absorbent compound into your low moisture carpet cleaning process will provide a necessary boost when encountering oily soils. It also can provide an almost dry process when necessary for cleaning problematic carpet or allow you to use the area almost immediately after it is cleaned.

Just check out the carpet below and take a look at the results!

Brush Pro Dry Compound 3


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