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Machines Used for Encapsulation

Single disc rotary machine  

This machine has a motor on top of a drive block or a brush block and is driven through gears or belts. It can work in two different applications for Encapsulation.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning: A well-formulated Encapsulation formula is perfect when used as a bonnet cleaner. Bonnet cleaning is generally not recommended by the major carpet manufacturers.  In spite of this, it continues to be a popular method, especially for commercial carpets.  The advantage of using bonnets on the Single disc machine is aggressive agitation and some degree of soil extraction/removal at the time of cleaning.  A portion of the soil is absorbed into the bonnet while leaving some of the chemistry to suspend and encapsulate the remaining soil. I have seen a commercial carpet with heavy traffic maintained with this system over a 5-year period.  The carpet looks very good.
  2. Rotary shampoo:   The machine used for this is the single disc rotary with a solution tank attached.  The solution is fed down to the brush, usually nylon, and scrubbed into the carpet.  With an expert behind the wheel to control the amount of Encapsulation chemistry applied and controlling the passes, this can be quite effective.  I would not suggest this as the primary piece of equipment for the Encapsulation system, but if you already have the equipment it will work.

Oscillating Disc Machine

The-ChampThis piece of machinery is sometimes referred to as an orbital or vibrating head machine. It uses an offset bearing that spins inside a shaft causing the pad driver to vibrate rather than spin at a high speed.   The bottom plate is usually round and 15” to 20” in diameter.  While less common, there are square bottom plates available.  I have seen the oscillating disc machine used with a brush, a fiber pad, a cotton towel, or a bonnet. 

With its thorough vibrating motion, this equipment can offer excellent cleaning using Encapsulation.  If using a cotton towel or bonnet, a disc designed to help float and move the machine may be required between the bonnet and carpet.  This somewhat limits the pickup zone on the bonnet, but it can still be very effective with the Encapsulation technology.

Three-Headed Planetary Motion Machine

This is a mouthful so this machine is usually referred to as Cimex, which happens to be the leading brand. It comes with a121513 solution tank, and a drive motor that drives a round disc to which is attached three smaller round brushes or drive blocks.   The large disc turns in one direction while the three small ones, which are the contact point with the carpet, turn in the same direction.  Each time the machine is turned on, the heads switch directions to preserve brush life. This may be hard to picture, so go to your local distributor to see one work.

The three smaller brushes or drive blocks working in a counter-rotational mode are very good at agitation and dispersion of the Encapsulation chemistry in an even manner. For high production and effective cleaning, this equipment is hard to beat.

Counter Rotating Cylinder Brush Machine

 122712With two cylinder brushes that rotate in opposite directions, the machine is excellent in both agitation and speed.  Some of the different versions will come with solution tanks, small catch basins to pick up soil, and even pumps for spraying solution. These machines may be available in sizes as small as 11” to the large 20” machine. 

Most often a sprayer is used to apply the Encapsulation chemistry to the carpet with this machine.  This gives you the advantage of applying just the right amount and doing it evenly depending on the soil load and type of carpet you are working with.  It also allows dwell-time on the carpet.  

That’s a short description of the most used machines for Encapsulation cleaning.  It is important to note that not every option is covered. 


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