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Polyester Carpet Responds to Special Surfactant

Carpet with loads of soil and oils has always been a cleaning issue but has been exacerbated by the dramatic increase in the sales of polyester…

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Removing Excessive Soap Residues

Actually, these residues are not soap but are from surfactants. Soap is a common generic term and products used to correct extensive surfactant…

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Which Carpet Protector? One with stain resistance or high level of repellency

Over the years, manufacturers and distributors of protectors have led seminars and other marketing focused on the performance of their product and…

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History of Protectors

Let's start with an obvious but important fact; fabric protection is one of the most profitable services a cleaner can perform. It's not uncommon for…

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Encapsulating Upholstery

A key feature separating encapsulation cleaning from older shampoo techniques is the chemistry. Polymers are added to surfactants used in shampoos…

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encapsulation upholstery cleaning

Terrazzo Floor Maintenance Tips

10 Tips for Easy Terrazzo Floor Maintenance A terrazzo floor that's properly maintained will last several lifetimes. Originally created in Venice,…

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Tile & Grout

Encapsulating Area Rugs

Encapsulation is a low moisture cleaning method for carpet, rugs, and upholstery fabric. It has been widely accepted for commercial carpet cleaning…

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encapsulation Rugs

Encapsulation: Balancing Cleaning and Soil Resistance

Encapsulation solutions commonly serve two purposes, achieved by different sets of ingredients: First, there is a detergent that helps separate soils…

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Explanation of Encapsulation Cleaning

What is it? Encapsulation is a high production rate, low moisture carpet cleaning system. Encapsulation is not new to the industry but the chemistry…

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How To Remove Paint From Carpet

There are a lot of different paints including latex, oil, and aerosol spray paint. Once dry, they bond to the surface of fibers. The amount of paint…

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