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Dilution Ratios Explained. Are you Measuring Correctly?

HydroForce high-pressure sprayers are calibrated at 400 PSI water pressure. Your specific dilution may vary depending on your operating pressure and…

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How to Correct Those Pesky Wickbacks: Realistic Guidelines to Nip Them in the Bud

Stains that seem to disappear only to reappear later, possibly resulting in a callback, have aggravated carpet cleaners for decades. Will we ever be…

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From the Pro's Corner Vault: Essential Information about Fiber Identification and Using the Right Protectors

In 2019, Tom Forsythe and Scott Warrington wrote a post about fiber identification. Our industry has experienced a vast change in the type of carpet…

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The Brave New World of Carpet Cleaning

Are you really cleaning what you think you are cleaning? You may be cleaning the wrong carpet or carpet that is not what you think it is.

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How to Remove Bug Spray that has Stained the Carpet

There are many pesticides that will permanently discolor carpets, especially if they are over-applied. A purple tint is common, but yellow/brown can…

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How is it even possible to clean 425,000 square feet daily? The St. Michael-Albertville High School Case Study in Cleaning Innovation

Have you ever visited your Grandparent’s home and felt an overwhelming sense of comfort and belonging? Whenever you visit you are able to relax in a…

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Floodwater Restoration Procedure: The Pittsburgh Protocol

This procedure is known as the Pittsburgh protocol. Its use is advised for structures that have been exposed to Category 3 water (mainly rising…

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The Psychology of Online Reviews: Why Good Reviews almost Always Lead to People Using a Local Cleaner

Yesterday I went with a friend to a delicious restaurant, Thyme & Seasons. The restaurant sources all of its fish and meat from local farms around…

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Reliable Steps for Removing Pervasive Skunk Odor

The scent of skunk is very pervasive, and it invades every nook and cranny. No odor control will be complete if any areas of the odor are missed. If…

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Analysis: What to do if your customer gets angry, according to Dr. Ryan Martin, PhD Anger Researcher

I just finished reading an amazing book that unexpectedly changed my perspective on the negative interactions that we have with our customers.

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