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The IICRC Publishes New Consumer Resources Aimed at Bolstering Cleaner Credibility, Troubleshooting Cleaning Issues

In March, the IICRC published a set of downloadable PDFs that are accessible to all IICRC members. The purpose of the articles is to have something…

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Ibix Blasting: The Machine that You've Probably Never Heard of that Could Make You Significant Money

Do you have time during the year when your job volume starts to slow down? Do you keep the same routine and despite your best efforts feel like you…

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RoofTec® XCS 500 Exterior Cleaning System: Diversify Your Business and Add $240,000 in Revenue per Year

“I’ve been in this industry for 10+ years. This is a no-brainer investment. We’re seeing start-ups with no experience easily make $100,000+ their…

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Respirators Explained: What are the 4 Types of Masks that You Can Use for Almost Every Job?

On the surface, masks and respirators might not seem like a particularly exciting topic. I wouldn't blame you if you viewed personal protective…

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Special Agents at Work: Agent #8 Stain Modification

One pizza company used the effective branding statement, “Better Ingredients Makes Better Pizza”. This statement holds true to making better cleaning…

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How to Choose the Right Truckmount or Portable for Your Business

If you do a quick search on YouTube or Google you will find a wave of contentious opinions about whether Truckmounts or Portables get better results…

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Understanding Concrete Floor Grinders: What is Best for You?

If you have ever done any research into the surface prep and concrete polish market, you will know that concrete grinder machines do not come cheap.…

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concrete surface preparation Concrete Surface Preparation

Rhetoric: The free tool to grow your business that you might not be using correctly

Stop for a second and think about the power of words. 

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about our New Stonecrete Polishing Packages

Our Stonecrete Polishing packages are here, and we wanted to take the time to answer questions that you have so that you make an informed decision…

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5 Random Thoughts I had about Positioning your Cleaning Business in 2022

My head was racing around all over the place this morning. Here are some thoughts I had about running your business that I wanted to put out there…

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