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Dry vs. Wet in the World of Grinding and Polishing

If you have researched concrete grinding or polishing, you have probably run into the terms “wet or dry”. These terms are often used for how a…

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How do I Clean Filthy, Trashed Carpets?

Procedures: Dry Soil Removal: Vacuum the carpet to remove as much dry soil as possible. It is easier to remove most dry soils before they are mixed…

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Can you help Us?

These days the internet is flooded with content. You know exactly what I'm talking about. Between countless notifications on your phone, social…

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6 Tips to Prepare Your Business for a Recession

Rising gas prices, inflation, and overall higher costs are very real these days and could indicate an upcoming recession according to economic…

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We deliver to you! Aramsco is Your Source for All Restoration Rentals

By their very nature, storms are unpredictable. As a contractor, you have to respond with the right drying equipment to the unique conditions created…

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Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Portables

Portable (por.ta.ble)             Capable of being carried or moved about, mobile, or moveable. Why would an article start with a definition? Maybe…

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Understanding Surface Preparation Dust Collectors

When it comes to surface preparation, a dust collector should be part of your fleet. Whether you are using a shot blaster or a floor grinder you will…

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concrete surface preparation Surface Preparation

The Reason Why Aramsco Created Pro's Corner Blog, and What You Can Expect from Us Going Forward

In 2018, we created our blog, Pro's Corner. Over the four years of its existence, Pro's Corner has come a long way from its earliest days. When we…

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Should I Use A Liquid or Powder Rinse? Roles of Rinses that you May not Have Considered

The main goal of rinsing is generally understood to be flushing away residues of cleaning agents. It seems intuitive to rinse with clear water and…

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Carpet Rinses

Special Agents at Work: Silicone Defoamer Breaks through the Liquid Barrier that Protects Air bubbles released throughout the Extraction Process

One pizza company used the effective branding statement, “Better Ingredients Makes Better Pizza”. This statement holds true to making better cleaning…

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Chemistry special agents

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