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Tom Forsythe

Tom Forsythe
Tom Forsythe has worked as a chemist for Aramsco since 2001 and has developed more than 200 products. These products are used in several brands including Bridgepoint Systems, Hydro-Force Viper products, Groom solutions; OmniPro, and many private labels. He has written numerous magazine articles and blog posts and has taught oriental rug cleaning and leather cleaning classes across the country. At a height of 6’6”, Tom remembers being a good basketball player.

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Special Agents at Work: The Raw Ingredients that Power Improved Cleaning Agent #1 Powdered Peroxide

One pizza company used the effective branding statement, “Better Ingredients Makes Better Pizza”. This statement holds true to making better cleaning…

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The Best Kept Industry Secret that Isn’t Really a Secret

Think back on the last ten years.

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I was on vacation, didn’t have my favorite cleaning solutions, and needed to clean an old, dirty carpet. Here’s what I did.

We recently flew to Ohio to help a relative move into an assisted living facility. We stayed in a nearby townhouse during the process. During the…

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The Power of Fragrance and the Difference it Can Make in Your Cleaning

It is often said that if something does not smell clean, then it is not clean.

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The Reasons Why You Want to Have Two Fabric Pre-sprays in your Cleaning Arsenal

Selecting the right fabric pre-spray has more to do with the fabric than the soil; soil from upholstery is typically particulate soil with body oils…

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How to make a Visible Difference when Cleaning Hard Surfaces like Wood

Wood floors are almost always finished with a urethane surface coat. The urethane surface coat can be further hardened by including aluminum oxide.…

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Guidelines for Choosing a Good Cleaning Formulation that You Probably Won’t Find on Social Media

We monitor several social media platforms to provide technical information, answer questions about our products and better understand our customers.…

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Chemistry Business

The Role for Powdered Oxidizers in Boosting Your Cleaning Performance

Sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate (which is not as common) are powdered and stable forms of hydrogen peroxide. The alkaline accelerators,…

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Tips to Conserve Water for Professional Cleaners

As a cleaner, there is a good chance that you live in an area where you are personally involved in conserving water, or your water bill is a…

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The Benefits of Using an Acid for Your Last Cleaning Step

What is the difference between an acidic neutralizer and an acidic emulsifier? It all depends on the ingredient mix.

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