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Tom Forsythe

Tom Forsythe
Tom Forsythe has worked as a chemist for Aramsco since 2001 and has developed more than 200 products. These products are used in several brands including Bridgepoint Systems, Hydro-Force Viper products, Groom solutions; OmniPro, and many private labels. He has written numerous magazine articles and blog posts and has taught oriental rug cleaning and leather cleaning classes across the country. At a height of 6’6”, Tom remembers being a good basketball player.

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How to make a Visible Difference when Cleaning Hard Surfaces like Wood

Wood floors are almost always finished with a urethane surface coat. The urethane surface coat can be further hardened with aluminum oxide.…

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Guidelines for Choosing a Good Cleaning Formulation that You Probably Won’t Find on Social Media

We monitor several social media platforms to provide technical information, answer questions about our products and better understand our customers.…

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The Role for Powdered Oxidizers in Boosting Your Cleaning Performance

Sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate (which is not as common) are powdered and stable forms of hydrogen peroxide. The alkaline accelerators,…

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Conserving Water in Dry Climates While Cleaning With Water

As a cleaner, there is a good chance that you live in an area where you are personally involved in conserving water, or your water bill is a…

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The Benefits of Using an Acid for Your Last Cleaning Step

What is the difference between an acidic neutralizer and an acidic emulsifier? It all depends on the ingredient mix.

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The Anatomy of a Powdered Pre-spray: See Improved Results When You Understand How the Chemistry Works

Powders naturally have a much longer shelf life than comparable liquids. A high-alkaline powder is safer to handle than a comparable liquid because…

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Carpet Presprays

Want More Durable Concrete? Here’s What You Need to Know About Densifiers

One of concrete’s weaknesses is its natural absorbency of liquids. A concrete densifier makes the surface and substrate of concrete denser. The…

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The Realities of Spotting in the 21st Century: Do Your Formulas Match Your Fibers?

A fundamental change in carpet fibers this century has put polyester and nylon spotting instructions on somewhat different tracks.

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Be a Hero for Your Customers: Learn How to Manage Dye-Bleed When Cleaning Rugs

Dye bleeding is generally rare in carpets because nylon and polyester fibers are not prone to color loss from water-based cleaning. Dye management is…

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Let the Rug and Customer Select The Rug Cleaning Process

For some rug washers, this is a revolutionary thought. The attitude is that a rug is not clean unless my process is completely followed. Another way…

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