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The Rise of Degreasers

Degreasers have always been an important part of your cleaning arsenal. Historically, degreasers have been dominated by alkalinity and solvency.…

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Carpet Carpet Presprays

A Quality CRB.  Do I Really Need One, and What Does It Really Cost Me?

I’m sure by now you’ve seen, read, or heard just about every discussion regarding counter-rotating brush machines (CRB’s). As such, I’m equally sure…

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The Most Important Lessons that I Learned at Aramsco While Working as a Content Marketer

Today is my last day working for Aramsco as a content marketer. Next week, I'm starting a new opportunity as a Brand Manager at CAO Group Inc. I…

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Grow your business

"Whatever you need, we can find it for you." Aztec Financial has a Business Line of Credit Available to Create Leverage in Your Business

Credit has always seemed like a Catch-22 to me. Starting when you are 18, you receive promotional offers in the mail to sign up for every credit card…

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How to Clean Up After Tear Gas

Tear gas is not a single product but can refer to any of at least 15 different chemical compounds that irritate the mucous membranes and cause…

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Trauma Cleaning

Crayons: The $9.99 Color Repair Tool

The crayon technique for spot color repair to carpets is a convenient and portable means of restoring the color to small spots sometimes encountered…

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Call Your Accountant: Your Small or Medium Business is Eligible for Tax Write-Offs

I loathe administrative work. Any time that there’s an unnecessary email I have to write, or I must make a call to my phone company because they…

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How to Remove Tanning Spray from Carpet

Tanning sprays are a combination of oils and dyes that are often difficult to remove.

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Exploding Myths About Hiring Quality Candidates in a Job Market that Has Irreversibly Changed

You've probably read a lot of articles about hiring. My hope is that this one will be different. In this post, I want to explode the common myths…

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What Are the Differences Between Business and Personal Loans? Why Does it Matter?

In today’s volatile economic environment, people are being more cautious when it comes to loans and borrowing money. When it comes to financing your…

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