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Are You A Power Cleaner, A Finesse Cleaner, Or Both?

The definition for both types of cleaners will be broad to enable some discussion and evaluation of the type of business model adopted by the readers. We have observed over time at a high level a power cleaner is one in which the cleaning is accompanied with a truckmount. Also this type of cleaning demands a large supply of carpet and tile & grout where a cleaner can primarily make a living doing this type of work. A finesse cleaner is someone who is engaged in cleaning materials that are more expensive and problematic to clean. This generally requires special equipment and expertise to successfully meet and exceed customer expectations.

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A power cleaner demands reliable chemicals and equipment. A standard process with consistent steps enables this type of cleaner to reach a standard acceptable to the masses. High production rates are essential to survive in this world. Most large cleaning organizations adopt this strategy as it is easier to train multiple employees. The focus is on marketing, logistics, and meeting general cleaning standards at a high enough level to result in customer satisfaction.

 A finesse cleaner is more dependent on knowledge of a variety of expensive furnishings where a variety of cleaning methods and equipment are utilized. This usually means cleaning and/or protecting fabrics, leather, wool, wood, stone, air ducts, etc. A finesse cleaner is generally one who has evolved from being a power cleaner. This step is a natural process of any business seeking more challenges and a higher end clientele. This type of cleaner prefers to be at two homes instead of six homes every day. Most will continue to perform power cleaning, but will use it to get into homes so that they can do finesse cleaning. Finesse cleaning is generally performed at a higher rate as most power cleaners or big organizations are hesitant to accept the challenges involved.

One other factor that needs to be considered by all. Power cleaning takes a toll on the body where production rates are critical to success. Finesse cleaning lends itself to performance standards which often means slowing down. In the case of area rugs, the work can be done more efficiently and easily in a plant. Years ago, we helped a cleaner who was close to retirement but was no longer physically able to perform power cleaning. The cleaner followed are suggestion to only do low moisture cleaning. He did not lose his clientele as they were more interested in the cleaner than the method used.

As of this reading, some of you understand that you are a power cleaner, but want to be a finesse cleaner. Any cleaner, whether on their own or part of a large organization needs to start somewhere. We suggest that you start with education. This helps you understand what is involved for you to pursue any form of finesse cleaning. Your current customer base will also help you to identify what to pursue. If you see a lot of area rugs, then that may be a field to consider. If you have many trucks in the field, then you may want to have one truck focus on finesse cleaning while the others engage in power cleaning. In any event, evaluate your business model to see if you need to make changes over time.


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