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Is Your Truck Mount the Right Upholstery Cleaning Machine?

The sofa we are asked to clean might be a flocked fabric with an Early American print. Or maybe it is a Jacquard screaming out – “I may bleed!” How…

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upholstery cleaning Truckmount

How to Provide a Perpetually Good Experience for Your Customer Long after your Visit is Over

What does every company have in common? Whether you just started or have been in business for 20+ years…the answer is CUSTOMERS. Customers: who we…

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customer service

Crime Scene Cleaning: Fingerprint powder removal isn't gruesome, but it isn't easy, either.

You’ve seen the CSI and police shows where someone’s home or business becomes a crime scene.

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Trauma Cleaning

Concrete Surface Preparation: Shot Blasting, Grinding, or Chemical Etching?

Are you looking for a way to prepare a concrete surface for a coating, remove stains, or remove rough spots? There are three common methods that help…

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Surface Preparation

Emotional Intelligence and Sound Judgement: The Business Superpower that's Hard to Measure in Dollars and Cents

Three weeks ago I started watching an incredible TV show. I’m sort of a snob when it comes to finding something good to watch but The Boys on Prime…

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customer service

The Raw Ingredients that Power Improved Cleaning: Agent #9 SUPER SURFACTANT!

One pizza company used the effective branding statement, “Better Ingredients Makes Better Pizza”. This statement holds true to making better cleaning…

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Chemistry special agents

Our Top 5 Educational Classes that Contractors Have Enrolled in The Last Two Years

Education isn't just for college students, it's a lifelong pursuit. Have you been looking for an affordable way to improve the skills and training of…

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Education IICRC Classes

Wake up, go to work, go home, repeat…. 24 actionable bullet points on how to make this more Sustainable

We’ve got it all wrong. We’ve misunderstood the whole time.

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sustainability Grow your business

WoolSafe Research: The influence of active oxygen on the colour of wool carpets

For a long time, the WoolSafe specifications for carpet maintenance products excluded the addition of bleaching agents. This “no bleaching agent”…

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Rugs Spotting

WoolSafe Research: The Effect of Enzyme-Containing Products on Wool Carpet

As consumers’ demand for environmentally-friendly cleaning grows, chemical manufacturers strive to formulate greener, safer products. They…

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