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WoolSafe Research: The Effect of Enzyme-Containing Products on Wool Carpet

As consumers’ demand for environmentally-friendly cleaning grows, chemical manufacturers strive to formulate greener, safer products. They…

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Rugs deodorization

I’m 90 percent sure that you’ll never disappoint your customers if you do this

People are complicated. Our personal interactions are probably one of our most difficult daily activities. Have you ever thought that your customers…

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customer service

How Our Recent Acquisitions Will Help Your Business Achieve More

You've probably read about it in the news: over the last few years, we have focused heavily on growing our business by acquiring the best companies…

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news releases

Tom Forsythe Sits down for an Interview with The Carpet and FabriCare Institute to Discuss Protectors

In April I sat down with The CFI (Carpet and FabriCare Institute) to discuss my background from my days in the oriental rug trade and leather…

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news releases

The Products that You Need For Establishing an Asbestos Containment Area

Asbestos has been used sporadically throughout human history because of its well-known fire-proofing qualities and durability as a construction…

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asbestos abatement

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

This post originally appeared on Aztec financial's blog and has been cross-posted with permission. Every restoration company faces a similar…

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Are You Aligning What You Say With What You Do?

Do you remember the last time that you went to a carnival and visited a house of mirrors? As you felt your way around the different rooms,  curved…

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Customer communication and storytelling

The Polished Concrete Process

Have you wanted polished concrete in your garage, warehouse, restaurant, store, or in your house? Polished concrete has increased in popularity in…

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concrete surface preparation Concrete Surface Preparation

Guidelines for Having The Best Possible Experience When Taking an IICRC Class

The pandemic has brought an unprecedented level of awareness to the US workforce of workplace issues over the last two years. Now, as we face the…

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Education IICRC Classes

The IICRC Publishes New Consumer Resources Aimed at Bolstering Cleaner Credibility, Troubleshooting Cleaning Issues

In March, the IICRC published a set of downloadable PDFs that are accessible to all IICRC members. The purpose of the articles is to have something…

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