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This is crazy! How did these bleach stains get on my carpet?! Was my cleaner responsible for them?

Every household is full of chemistry. Products made with all sorts of solutions sit on the shelves of laundry rooms, kitchen counters, and medicine…

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Free Handout for your Customers: How to Care for Your Carpet

This guide is for homeowners and professional cleaners. Homeowners should use it to get the best care for their carpet, professional cleaners should…

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Our Bestselling Grandi Groom Carpet Rake makes it easy for homeowners and cleaners to show your carpet some love!

Do you ever read a product description that says, "This is the best X, Y, Z ever!" and roll your eyes? You might think to yourself, wow... this…

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Use this Free Spreadsheet to Calculate the True Cost of Your Carpet Cleaning Business

The most frequent questions that owner/operators ask are usually related to how to price their services. How much per sq. ft. should I charge? What…

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When Was the Last Time that You Updated These 5 Things on Your Business Website?

People’s desires and fundamental needs have stayed the same for thousands of years, but the ways that we can connect with these desires and fulfill…

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Dilution Ratios Explained. Are you Measuring Correctly?

HydroForce high-pressure sprayers are calibrated at 400 PSI water pressure. Your specific dilution may vary depending on your operating pressure and…

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How to Correct Those Pesky Wickbacks: Realistic Guidelines to Nip Them in the Bud

Stains that seem to disappear only to reappear later, possibly resulting in a callback, have aggravated carpet cleaners for decades. Will we ever be…

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From the Pro's Corner Vault: Essential Information about Fiber Identification and Using the Right Protectors

In 2019, Tom Forsythe and Scott Warrington wrote a post about fiber identification. Our industry has experienced a vast change in the type of carpet…

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The Brave New World of Carpet Cleaning

Are you really cleaning what you think you are cleaning? You may be cleaning the wrong carpet or carpet that is not what you think it is.

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How to Remove Bug Spray that has Stained the Carpet

There are many pesticides that will permanently discolor carpets, especially if they are over-applied. A purple tint is common, but yellow/brown can…

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