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A Small Story about The Importance of Wearing Shoe Covers

On an abnormally hot September day, I sat waiting on my couch downstairs. I was just about to leave to go to the gym and train for my powerlifting competition, but I wanted to stick around for the carpet cleaner’s appointment. As an employee of Aramsco, I’m always interested to watch how other companies clean. 

The cleaner showed up during the time window that he set. He fired on his truckmount and reeled his hose inside. We had already moved all of the furniture inside, so everything was ready to go. 

The cleaner started upstairs and began working his way through each room. As he began to clean, I couldn’t stop noticing one glaring omission that kept nagging at me: the technician was walking through every room with his Nikes and not wearing any shoe covers! 

As he cleaned, he walked across spots that he had already covered to cover the dirty spots that he had missed. 

As he did this, his sneakers tracked through all of the clean spots, and I’m assuming that they brought all of the dirt and oils on the soles of his shoes with him. 

This situation could have easily been avoided, and it got me thinking about all of the little things. 

The little things in business are what make the greatest difference. We are so focused on giving the world to our customers. We are continually reminded that customer service should go above and beyond, on LinkedIn, in business books, and by our associates. 

But the truth is, I don’t think that your customers expect the world from you. They expect you to do the best damn job possible cleaning your carpets. They want you to do the little things right. 


Stop focusing on the greater details and on trying to be the company that revolutionizes the cleaning industry. If you get the little things right, the other details will take care of themselves and you will be a revolutionary.

Talk to your technicians about the little details. Buy shoe covers that all of your technicians can wear, and stress the importance of doing it at each appointment. Always display professionalism, show up on time, and build a relationship with your customers. 

When you focus on doing the little things right, like wearing shoe covers everything else in your business will fall into place. Think about the true difference that you can make!


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