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The Largest Problem that Cleaners Face In 2021 and What You Can Do to Solve It

Cleanfax just released their annual Carpet Cleaning Benchmark Survey, and the results aren’t quite what you would expect.

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The Reasons Why You Want to Have Two Fabric Pre-sprays in your Cleaning Arsenal

Selecting the right fabric prespray has more to do with the fabric than the soil; soil from upholstery is typically particulate soil with body oils…

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The 8 Unexpected Takeaways that I Learned at the IICRC Water Restoration Technician Class

I’m not a water restoration technician—I work for our marketing department, but I decided to take the IICRC Water Restoration Class because of all of…

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How to make a Visible Difference when Cleaning Hard Surfaces like Wood

Wood floors are almost always finished with a urethane surface coat. The urethane surface coat can be further hardened with aluminum oxide.…

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Guidelines for Choosing a Good Cleaning Formulation that You Probably Won’t Find on Social Media

We monitor several social media platforms to provide technical information, answer questions about our products and better understand our customers.…

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Never Make a Mistake When Buying Equipment that Costs Thousands of Dollars: The Qualities You Want to look for in A Salesperson or Customer Service Representative

Delivered. It’s one of my favorite emails to receive after waiting eagerly for a week for a package to arrive. A countdown of days had turned into…

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The Role for Powdered Oxidizers in Boosting Your Cleaning Performance

Sodium percarbonate and sodium perborate (which is not as common) are powdered and stable forms of hydrogen peroxide. The alkaline accelerators,…

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Tips to Conserve Water for Professional Cleaners

As a cleaner, there is a good chance that you live in an area where you are personally involved in conserving water, or your water bill is a…

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Are You Making These 7 Common Mistakes When Using Your Dehumidifier?

Post 2 of 2 in our Dehumidifier Series

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The Value of Third Party Eco-Certifications to the Cleaning and Restoration Professional

It is hard to believe that it has been more than 30 years since the first eco-certification program was launched. Eco-certified technology has come a…

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