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Utilizing the Power of Extraction in Rug Washing

Most cleaners who operate a cleaning business have already invested in extraction equipment suitable to be used with both a Water Claw and Rug Sucker. This allows a typical carpet cleaning business to enter the world of area rug cleaning.

Over time if demographics and volume justify additional space and equipment, then investments can be made with centrifuges, tub washers, more rug cleaning equipment, etc. to supplement your use of the power of extraction. This is one area where professional training is essential to succeed in handling expensive rugs as not all can be cleaned in the same way.


A Brief History of Extraction Equipment

The first vacuum cleaner was invented in the 1870s. Special rug washing plants originated in the late 19th century. Automated equipment for rug washing has been around for at least 70 years with the famous Mor company being established in 1949. Portable water extraction equipment started in the 1950s and hot water extraction in the 1970s.

These two innovative methods developed on parallel tracks. The dominance of portable hot water extraction for onsite cleaning for broadloom carpet eventually led to rugs being extracted rather than washed.

The choice for customers was based more on convenience and cost rather than a thorough cleaning.

Over time the benefit of offsite extraction for oriental rugs became another option for carpet cleaners who expanded into rug cleaning.


Bridging the gap between offsite rug washing and onsite extraction

The intersection of extraction and rug washing has gotten closer with a few innovations.

The Water Claw was designed for flood extraction initially, but over time began to be used in rug washing.  

The tool is designed to flush areas of contamination but is cumbersome and inefficient for cleaning the entire rug. An injector was added a few years ago to add water through the head for additional flushing while you work.\

Rug 1

Rug 2

The Rug Sucker was an innovation that brought the power of extraction to the forefront. A carpet cleaner can now do excellent flushing of contamination and at the same time remove the water, expediting the quick drying of the rug. The degree of efficiency is tied to the vacuum’s capability. A portable extractor will work at some level, but a truckmount or other high-powered vacuum source enhances the results significantly.


Rug 3

Rug 4

The Rug Sucker is also used to remove moisture to a level that limits discoloration from excessive dry time before being placed on drying racks and/or rooms.


There is no one way to wash rugs, but over time a cleaner chooses his way for his business. Our hands-on IIRC class teaches you how to clean rugs and get stellar results.

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