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From the Pro's Corner Vault: Essential Information about Fiber Identification and Using the Right Protectors

In 2019, Tom Forsythe and Scott Warrington wrote a post about fiber identification. Our industry has experienced a vast change in the type of carpet fiber that dominates the market share. In order to clean and protect a carpet properly, you need to first be able to identify it.

We recommend reading this blog post so that you can brush up on your fibers and make sure that you are using the right protector in order to prevent re-soiling and staining. 


"Knowing the fiber you are cleaning can help you select the best possible cleaning agents.

Fiber identification is also helpful in managing client expectations. The differences in fibers should not only require a different response when cleaning but also to traffic and wear as the carpet ages. If customers have experienced the resiliency of nylon, they may be disappointed in how polyester holds up to heavy traffic. Helping your customer know what to expect can save you a callback.

Performing a fiber ID test will also set your company apart from 95% of the potential competition that doesn't do fiber ID. Testing and explaining the process to a curious customer provides a great opportunity to sell the quality of your service. You are selecting a cleaning approach custom matched to their carpet...." (Continue Reading)

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