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How do I Clean Filthy, Trashed Carpets?


  1. Dry Soil Removal: Vacuum the carpet to remove as much dry soil as possible. It is easier to remove most dry soils before they are mixed with a cleaning solution. Especially with dense pile commercial carpets, consider the use of a two-motor vacuum such as the Hydro-Force MA29 Pile Lifter.

  2. Stain Removal: You don't want to try and pre-spot every stain on a filthy carpet or trashed carpet. However, with experience, you will find some categories of stains that often don't come out during regular cleaning. These include stains from colored beverages, pet stains, mustard and so forth. many stain removers work better on dry carpets. There is no moisture to dilute them and a dry fiber will absorb the stain removal product more deeply into the fiber.

  3. Prespray: Use Flex or Traffic Slam. To cut through heavy soil and grime even faster with the added benefit of brightening colors, add 1/2 ounce of Boost All per gallon of RTU prespray. Citrus Solv can boost any prepsrays ability to power through oil and grease. Add one ounce or more per ready-to-use gallon of prespray.

  4. Agitation: For really heavy soil, mechanical agitation may be required. This can be provided by a Counter-rotating brush machine like the Brush Pro 20, a Cimex machine using brushes or synthetic scrub pads, or the RX-20 rotary extractor.

  5. Extraction: Use Power Point.

  6. Post Spray: Use a pump-up sprayer to finish the job with a final spray of Encapuguard mixed at 8 to 1.

by Scott Warrington


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