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The Brush Pro: King of Carpet Cleaning

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Kaiden Kelly's family tree boasts a special branch dedicated to carpet cleaning mastery, with his father and grandfather setting the standard for excellence. Although he initially pursued other paths, in 2018 he decided to join forces with his father in the family business. By 2022, Kaiden stepped into the role of leadership and now owns and operates White Glove Carpet Cleaning in Utah and works with his brother. They deliver exceptional service and specialize in floors, carpet, hardwood, and tile.

Out of all the tools in Kaiden’s arsenal, The Brush Pro reigns supreme. From this interview, you’ll find out why:

How long have you been using the Brush Pro and what motivated you to incorporate it into your cleaning operations?

“We got it shortly after I hopped on around 2019 because we got a contract to clean some enclosed carpeted hallways at an apartment complex that our truck mount wouldn’t reach. So, we met with our vendor Clay who told us about the encapsulation method with a dry compound, which is a good method for cleaning. But as we’ve had it, we’ve learned how useful it is for agitation in all different scenarios and with different brushes. Now, that’s what we use it for primarily—agitation for carpet, hard surfaces, cement, tile, and grout. We like the dry compound cleaning method, but we love the agitation that it offers.”

How would you describe your experience with the Brush Pro in terms of effectiveness, and performance?

“I’m really not exaggerating, it’s not just my favorite tool, it’s all of my customers favorite tools as well. I’ll usually demonstrate it for them to show just how effective it is for agitation. I really do like to brag about it. We’ll demonstrate it for our customers to show them all of the lint that it picks up and all of the soil that it lifts. We also do a side-by-side comparison of standard agitation vs the Brush Pro. Everyone seriously goes crazy over it. It’s great for our encapsulation cleaning methods too, especially in apartment hallways where there are long lines of garbage soiling; we’ll use the Brush Pro to pick up all of the soil and the garbage. Lots of positive feedback!”

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You’ve touched on agitation and encapsulation, is there anything else you use it for?

“Carpet agitation is the easiest, or at least what we use it for most, but the other day we cleaned one of our clients’ small garage shops which was all cement and used the Brush Pro for all of the agitation. It seems to be the only, or at least the most effective way to clean hard surfaces like cement. I use it for every tile and grout job for the grime that gets stuck. For just about every job I’ve been on, the Brush Pro has been so useful. I use it for pretty much every instance that it’s applicable.”

Have you ever used it for rugs?

“Yeah! Especially high traffic runners that get super beat up; it’s not a preference, it’s a requirement to get them in decent shape. I don’t typically deal with super high-end rugs, but for your run of the mill, wool, or nylon carpet rugs, it’s a necessity.”

Would you recommend the Brush Pro to other cleaning professionals, and if so, why?

“Yes, I absolutely would! For anybody that cleans, it cleans hard surfaces far better than any other mop or brush. It would save a bunch of labor and time from hand scrubbing on your hands and knees. I could even see house cleaners finding use out of it for the hard surfaces, but also for carpet, to pick up all the debris where a cheap vacuum’s not going to cut it.”

How do you envision the role of the Brush Pro evolving within your company in the future?

“There have been several instances at jobs where the carpet was too hammered or gross and we thought all hope was lost, but with the Brush Pro, it has allowed us to go further in our cleaning methods than before, which has dramatically increased our credibility as cleaners. For the future, unless there are methods I’m not aware of, I believe we’ve tapped into the resources that it offers. It’s such an easy tool to use, and with all of the cleaning services, the agitation, and the use of the renovator with the encapsulation and the dry compound, innovating with it, or allowing it to change or grow your service is so easy. It’s so awesome!”

White Glove

A huge thanks to Kaiden Kelly from White Glove Carpet Cleaning for answering our questions about the Brush Pro! 


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