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Check Out How Quick We Took Care of These Mold Stains With Our Process

The house that we cleaned in the pictures below is about twenty years old and the current occupants have been living there for four years. 

 An issue with poor installation going to the soffit caused the soffit to become blocked, sending moisture and lint into the area between two trusses. 

This is what it looked like after clearing the soffit:


Mold 1


The lint was vacuumed and plywood was installed to walk on for future maintenance after putting the insulation back in place.


Mold 2

 To clean mold off wood the OmniPro mold stain remover was sprayed on the surface. It began to work right away.


Mold 3

The next day the staining is gone!  (The dark coloring near the soffit is deceiving as a result of the light and shadows)


Mold 4

Keep in mind that we are only highlighting the stain removal process here. 

 We have ALWAYS told contractors that mold removal services are part of a mold removal and remediation system.  Some systems can be done in one day with the use of our products by a back to back application of mold stain remover and mold preventive coating.

This process can be done quickly and be very profitable– saving your remediation company labor and return trips.*

This is not true of many competitive products. As a mold remediation specialist you want to be as efficient as possible at your jobsite, while still following proper industry standards.




*Another advantage of the system that we use is that it can be applied at lower temperatures as long as you don’t have frost on the roof decking.


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