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Greasy Grout Meets 21st Century Innovation

Professional cleaners have demanded cleaning solutions that deal with the months of soil build-up. The result was the high alkaline, solvent laden and often, foamy tile and grout cleaners. This type of formula was designed for use on difficult oily & particulate soil found in the grout surrounding ceramic and porcelain tile. This balanced high alkaline-based solvent and surfactant cleaner removed years of built-up grease and soil. It works best when combined with pressure & heat while using the high-pressure rotary extraction tools. However, the invention of less foamy non-ionic surfactants allowed the development of a new type of tile and grout cleaner.

This type of formula represents the next generation of tile and grout cleaners. Cutting-edge surfactant technology enhances penetration and emulsification of oily soils—reducing, or eliminating, exhausting scrubbing of the grout lines. The improvement and increase of surfactants increase the cleaning power which allows the use of less alkalinity and solvency. Generally, an increase in surfactants results in more foam, but special blends significantly reduce foam over current options. Surfactants work better at higher dilutions than solvents or alkalinity which translates into a lower ready to use cost for the cleaner.Hydro-Force, Viper Venom II Tile and Grout Cleaner, 1 Gallon

Adding the new surfactants to a proven blend of ingredients clean a wider range of soils and oils from hard surfaces like tile and grout, and sealed concrete. Typical additives "bond" to particulate soils and hold them in suspension so they can be freely rinsed away without redepositing back into porous grout. A new solvent mix is possible with the invented surfactants. The result is a formula that is greener and with less odor. Fragrance-free is often a choice for some cleaners and homeowners who react to certain fragrances. You can always add a citrus booster or fragrance of their choice to suit their customer's, or their own personal preference. The use of fewer solvents and alkalinity makes for a safer product, which results in no special shipping requirements. In short, a less foamy, economical, greener, and safer option in the hard surface category has been long overdue.

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