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How to Repair Concrete Cracks, Cost-Effectively

Tips for Contractors Repairing Cracks

The following images, video, and text are real-life examples of crack repair work. Aramsco provided the right equipment, at the right price, that let the contractor win the job.

This is one of the many mini "Grand Canyon" cracks running throughout a highly trafficked, concrete parking lot. The cracks were high enough that they posed a trip and fall hazard that the property manager wanted to fix ASAP, but he also wanted to stay within a tight budget.



A Solution that Fits

These cracks were too numerous and too big for a simple hand grinder, but too small to justify hauling in a giant machine. Especially since it would have pushed the job outside of the budget parameters. The solution started with an easy-to-move STI AirTech ES-200 "baby" scarifier. It fit easily into the back of the contractor's pick-up truck.


STI Scarifier

Leveling out the Cracks

The video and image below show how the cracks were ground down using the scarifier. The ES-200 can be run off of a standard portable generator which makes it ideal for setting up a mobile concrete repair van.


ES-200 STI AirTech Scarifier

Like all scarifiers, the ES-200 has a grinding wheel, sometimes used to score concrete in prep for new coatings, or for removing old coatings. In this case, one worker used the ES-200 to shave down one side of each concrete crack, making both sides equal. And the video shows that it took only minutes to level.


Leveling out the Cracks

Every scarifier leaves marks and striations, which need to be smoothed out. At this job site, the US Saws VSG-10 variable-speed grinder/edger was used to smooth out the marks left by the scarifier. 

Video of concrete grinder


Capture Silica Dust 

As you can see in the videos, grinding causes dust. Professional concrete contractors know using a broom to handle silica dust can cause big trouble. So, for compliance with Silica regulations, and to protect workers and the environment, the Ruwac Little Red HEPA Vacuum captured the clouds of harmful silica dust generated by the dry grinding.



The Final Finish 

After the grinding wheel smoothed out the concrete, and the dust was captured, the leveled cracks were ready for sealing. This could have been done easily by hand, with self-sealing poly-urea joint filler; available by the tube, or in a two-parts, 10-gallon kit. 

But to make it fast, the final joint-filling on this job was handled using the US Saws battery-operated One-Man Poly Pump (example shown below). Only one worker was needed to quickly fill in the concrete cracks.

Portable Concrete Crack Sealer

For concrete repair jobs like this, all a surface preparation contractor needs is a generator, a Ruwac Little Red HEPA vacuum, an STI AirTech ES-200 scarifier, and the US Saws VSG-10 stand-up grinder/edger. Aramsco can provide these tools and training. For any customer who provides a desire to learn and earn, we’re here to supply your success.

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