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Aramsco Cleaning Practices and Procedures, COVID-19

As the situation continues to unfold with COVID-19, more and more contractors are focused on the care and maintenance of the built environment. As a professional cleaning contractor, you may have already been asking, “How can I get involved?” You may have questions about the tools, equipment and chemistry necessary to disinfect or sanitize the various surfaces you clean for your customers.

As a professional cleaning contractor, you are in a unique position to aid your customers in creating or maintaining a happier and healthier indoor environment for their homes, businesses and other facilities. In addition, it’s possible you will experience a de- mand for cleaning services like never before.

This pamphlet offers information to assist in preparing you for the opportunity of adding disinfection and sanitization to the other cleaning services you already provide.

 Restorative Cleaning For a Healthier Indoor Environment


**Apply Carpet Sanitizer
    • Apply Benefect Decon 30 to freshly cleaned carpet and agitate thoroughly into fibers. 1 Gallon: A95483, 5 Gallons: 1649-1159, 55-Gallons: 1648-1158

    • Apply sufficient amount to allow fibers to stay damp for 60 minutes as directed on label (Allows time to perform other services in the home).

    • Extract thoroughly with clear water and double dry pass with extraction tool.
  • Finishing and Drying – Rake or groom carpet and add air movement to reduce dry times, eliminate wicking and increase customer satisfaction.

**Sanitizing Carpet – Benefect Decon 30 is approved through the EPA as a “Carpet Sanitizer”. There are strict guidelines set by the EPA to make it on the EPA List N. These include process, saturation, and dwell time that must be followed to make this claim. You should read and familiarize yourself with the terminology and process prior to beginning work or making any claims regarding sanitizing.


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