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Special Agents at Work: The Raw Ingredients that Power Improved Cleaning Agent #5 Surface Penetrant & Defoamer in one

One pizza company used the effective branding statement, “Better Ingredients Makes Better Pizza”. This statement holds true to making better cleaning solutions. Just like there are grades of cheese, pepperoni, sauce, etc., there are grades of raw materials used in making cleaning solutions.

The different grades of d’limonene are among the more obvious to the cleaner. Distillates, technical grade, and food-grade are distinguished by the consistency of the fragrance. The odor of a poor distillate will not easily be forgotten.

The amount of the ingredient used in any formula matters. However, we need to go beyond the quality and amount of the ingredient and also find special ingredients with core performance features that improve cleaning results. It is important to properly select ingredients that highlight a core feature that creates unique cleaning solutions and provides consistent results.

Each blog in this series will focus on a different feature brought about by a distinctive raw material based on performance and not cost. We will show pictures and/or short videos that visually illustrate performance from adding this raw material that by itself is uniquely responsible for that aspect of the result. The art of the formulator is in the selection of these quality, innovative raws with features that produce reliable results for each application.

It starts and ends with the science of cleaning….


Surface Penetrant & Defoamer in One

Fluorosurfactants are the most effective means available to lower the surface tension of water-based solutions. It is able to lower surface tension to the range of 19 to 20 dynes/cm.

This changes the outcome of your cleaning because lower surface tension means better wetting, spreading, and penetration, resulting in better and deeper cleaning. They are effective at levels < 1.0%. Our choice is a low foam anionic, which functions as a defoamer in the waste tank when used with extraction cleaners.

We use these fluorosurfactants in 21 formulas. They are an expensive ingredient, even in small amounts. We add them to odor encapsulants to help them penetrate deeper into the fiber where contaminants have worked through the surface carpet protectors. We also use them in several hard surface pre-sprays to penetrate into porous surfaces including concrete, stone, some tiles, and grout. This results in a deeper cleaning than typical hard surface cleaners.

The solution also works as a defoamer as it settles into waste tanks resolving the issue of surfactant residues left on the surface after mopping.

The following video shows the low foam and defoaming characteristics of this fluorosurfactant



The added fluorosurfactant enhances cleaning through penetration and provides a secondary benefit in the waste tank by its defoaming characteristics. These added benefits are worth the extra cost if your goal is to provide your customers with the best cleaning solutions.


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