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Ron Colling

Ron Colling, Jr., has a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Grand Valley State University, holds IICRC Triple Master Certifications, and is a Level III Thermographer. He is a former IICRC instructor and Vice-Chair of the IICRC ASD Committee. Ron grew up in the industry and has over thirty years of experience. He has taught several industry classes and contributed articles to trade industry magazines. His current position is Aramsco’s Restoration Product Manager.

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Check Out How Quick We Took Care of These Mold Stains With Our Process

The house that we cleaned in the pictures below is about twenty years old and the current occupants have been living there for four years.   An issue…

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Fire and Water Restoration

The 5 Main Categories of Restoration Chemicals

Categories of Use: The chemicals in this section are specialty products for specific use in restoration situations. Restoration includes services…

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Fire and Water Restoration

Biocides and Disinfectants

Primer on Sanitizers and Disinfectants for the Water Damage, Restoration, and Cleaning Industry The use of antimicrobials or a biocide on any…

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