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Will Raising Prices Help Your Bottom Line?

I frequently hear from owner/operators who say they hear of other cleaners charging $ .50 or even $1 per sq. ft. and are sure they could never charge…

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Curry and Cooking Odors

Homemade cookies. Baking bread. Mom’s spaghetti sauce. We can all recall enjoyable fragrances from the kitchen. Just writing this is making me…

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Surface Tension

The properties of water are amazing. A simple mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, yet without some of the unusual properties of water, life on earth…

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Let the Government Send You Cash – Fuel Tax Credit

You’ve seen the sticker on gas pumps when you were filling your tank. It tells you how much of the price each gallon goes for taxes. Those taxes go…

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Help! How Do I Apply Carpet Protector?

Applying Carpet Protector is Quick, Easy, and Profitable Here's a quick primer. Whichever protector you choose, measure to know the proper amount you…

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