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What Color Is the Carpet? Metamerism

Have you ever had a client accuse you of doing something that changed the color of their carpet, rug, or upholstery? Great news if you removed all…

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Flooring – Beyond Carpet & Tile

  Many of us are familiar with the ins-and-outs of caring for carpet and ceramic tile flooring. However, several new types of flooring with less…

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Liquids Versus Powders

The three primary building blocks of cleaning formulations are solvents, surfactants, and builders (acidic or alkaline). All solvents are in liquid…

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Will Raising Prices Help Your Bottom Line?

I frequently hear from owner/operators who say they hear of other cleaners charging $ .50 or even $1 per sq. ft. and are sure they could never charge…

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Curry and Cooking Odors

Homemade cookies. Baking bread. Mom’s spaghetti sauce. We can all recall enjoyable fragrances from the kitchen. Just writing this is making me…

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Enzymes and Bacteria

There is much confusion in our industry between enzymes and bacteria. For example, products use enzyme in the name when the product actually contains…

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deodorization Chemistry

Water Quality

The differences between hard and soft water have long been discussed for all sorts of applications.  Hard water in the professional cleaning industry…

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Water Quality

The Power of Boosters

I have heard it said often that any cleaning agent which needs “boosting” — or increasing the original strength of a product — is not a good cleaning…

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Boosters Chemistry

Surface Tension

The properties of water are amazing. A simple mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, yet without some of the unusual properties of water, life on earth…

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