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Guidelines for Having The Best Possible Experience When Taking an IICRC Class

The pandemic has brought an unprecedented level of awareness to the US workforce of workplace issues over the last two years. Now, as we face the “Great Resignation”, many companies are scrambling to find, hire, and keep qualified employees to meet the ever-growing needs of their customers.

Are wages the answer?  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics spending on wages in 2021 accelerated faster than any other time in the past 20 years. This comes during a time when 95 percent of workers say they are contemplating quitting their jobs according to a survey.

With inflation at a 40-year high, raising pay isn’t a bad idea. Still, if you have created a job posting, you know this is no longer the best answer as job postings are being left unfilled for weeks and sometimes months.

By opening up the lines of communication with employees to understand their needs and feedback companies are bridging this gap.

A largely overlooked area of the overall industry workforce is job satisfaction

By providing your employees with the education and skills they need, you address two key areas:

1. You are training skilled labor that will grow with and profit with and for your company.

2. Most importantly, you are giving these individuals an overall career and helping a person to bridge the ever-widening economic gap.

Education for our time

As the pandemic shuttered many in-person class opportunities online classes took the place of these classes. This opened the door to many who do not live in close proximity to an Aramsco site for in-person classes. Since the initial start of online learning, we have added night and weekend classes as well.

With online classes here to stay what can you do for your employees to get the most out of them and succeed?


How to get the most ROI when you take a class:

1. Avoid cross-scheduling time when you will be in class to devote your attention.

2. Be in a quiet environment by yourself to avoid external distractions.

3. Put your phone to aircraft mode or silent (if this is not possible only check on breaks).

Make the subject you are learning relevant and personally significant to your employee:

Feeling disconnected from the subject is the quickest way to fail; the need to think critically about the subject is vital.

But how do you encourage this mindset?

1. Make sure an employee understands the link from the certification to their job security and their chances at advancement.

2. Have an employee have at least a nominal overview of how the certificate fits into the work. A great way to do this is to have an employee shadow or do a ride-along with an experienced worker before the class.  

Education post-1

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During Class have a Framework for Success

1. Ask questions. Thomas Berger said, “The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”

2. Stay on camera and be on topic. When you are on you are being watched by the other participants. This encourages everyone to pay attention to what we are doing. In turn, this makes engaging in the class much easier.

3. Have all materials printed. Trying to navigate an electronic copy of a document can be hard on its own. In class, this can cause your attention to wander, and you might lose your position with the rest of the class. 


Why this framework?

The above guidelines might sound like common sense, but we are bringing them to your attention because we have noticed contractors struggle with following these guidelines in class. We want our classes to be an unforgettable growth opportunity, and the best way for this to happen is to treat education as an investment. Make sure to come to an IICRC class prepared with your undivided attention and you will have a memorable experience.


Learn with us in person


In-person classes are back for 2022. These are the ideal option for those who benefit from a hands-on learning environment.


They also provide an opportunity to train new employees and refresh the knowledge of existing employees. You spend fewer number days in a classroom that is centered around team bonding in a group environment.


If want us to come to you, we also have private class options available.  


Our education department is here to help point your company in the right direction. Call us today at 385-429-5599 to discuss your employee’s future and all of the opportunities that we have to grow together.


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