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How to Choose the Right Protector for the Job

Do You Know Your Protector Chemistry? Are you protecting your customers’ valuable surfaces, or just wasting time and money? Read our guide to select…

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Carpet Cleaning Spray Jets 101

VeeJets®, TeeJets®, and FloodJets®, oh my! Learn about the sizes and types of jets and how this impacts carpet cleaning.

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Help! How Do I Apply Carpet Protector?

Applying Carpet Protector is Quick, Easy, and Profitable Here's a quick primer. Whichever protector you choose, measure to know the proper amount you…

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Series or Parallel? An In-Depth Look at Vacuum Configurations.

What is the Difference Between Series and Parallel Vacuum Configurations? If you’ve been a carpet cleaner for any length of time, you’ve probably…

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Is Encapsulation Cleaning Right For You?

Encapsulation Cleaning is a Perfect Choice... Most of the Time When I first entered this industry about 8 years ago (2010), there were still a lot of…

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